Digital Marketing

E-Commerce Consulting

In the past 10 years the online market has grown enormously. The possibilities to be successful in this market are manifold – however, this offer is very confusing and often grown isolated applications are used for the implementation. We advise you holistically in the optimization of your e-commerce activities and sustainably improve your online stores or marketplace activities. Our core services:

  • Status quo diagnostics and evaluation
  • Structuring & optimization of e-commerce processes
  • Development of the direct customer channel from B2B to B2C
  • In conjunction with our IT system experts, we also offer support in system and structure development

The "Local Booster"

Every day millions of people use Google’s local search to find products and services or are active on Facebook and Instagram. Those who are not seen there cannot attract customers digitally… and lose access to the majority of potential customers. We have developed an optimization process that significantly increases your local findability on the Internet: the LOCAL BOOSTER. With the LOCAL BOOSTER and our many years of experience, we are able to address your specific industry. Furthermore, we take over all relevant activities for you and thus offer a solution from one source. Our core services:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Modern, performance-oriented website
  • Optimization of your web presences
  • Online marketing campaign

Performance Marketing

Humans see innumerable advertisements on the Internet – in many cases, humans do not feel addressed by the advertisements, because they do not belong to the target group. The advertisement must be paid by the company nevertheless. We offer social campaigning focused on the target customers and enable you to develop new customer groups, generate leads, and expand your brand. Our core services:

  • Individual advertising campaigns
  • Brand campaigns
  • Social recruiting


In today’s world, it is highly recommended to sell your products through multiple channels. Being dependent on a single channel carries a high risk – and costs a large part of the margin. The big platforms like Amazon and eBay offer almost everything – which differentiation is reasonable? We provide support and help you to build the right online store for your business. This will enable you to sell directly to the end customer and thus increase customer loyalty and company profits. Our core services:

  • Development of an online store for your company
  • Implementation of all common payment methods and shipping service providers
  • Hosting & Update Service – all-inclusive carefree package
  • Possibility of custom content maintenance / adjustments